20 Best Workout Unitards for Women That Are Stylish, Too

Perhaps one of the more surprising things to occur in recent fashion: The unitard has become the it-form-meets-function item ascending into popularity. But it makes sense.

Over the past year and a half, clothes once relegated to lounging at home or workouts have become wardrobe linchpins. Fitness-centric pieces, more specifically, have meteorically risen as the world carefully dances between staying home and reemerging. To wit, garments that employ equal parts form and function are now fundamental considerations in assembling a wardrobe.  And unitards are among the list of popular items like leggings, yoga pants, and glamorous sweatsuit sets.

Part-cycling shorts and part-bodysuit, brands like Pucci, Marine Serre, No. 21, and Everlane have each released their version of a unitard in recent collections meant for both fitness and everyday wear. Matek, a brand known for its technical base layers for skiing,, introduced a unitard to its repertoire this summer, too. “Unitards stay classic even when reimagined,” says Matek founder Abigail Stern. The unitard Stern dreamed up for Matek is aptly named the “All-In-One-Z” and is meant for everyday wear, workouts, and even swimming. “I feel like the word unitard has a bad rep, but it truly is a part of fashion history…when I started to have the itch to design a style for summer, I wanted it to be for land but also water if you wanted,” Stern continues.

Styling a unitard is actually more simple than you may think. Throw a crisp, oversized button-up over a black unitard and pair with calf-height socks and sneakers or loafers. Going to a workout or for a swim later? Throw a pair of loose trousers over the unitard to wear it as a bodysuit. Alternatively, tie your favorite sweater around your shoulders or at your unitard-sheathed waist for a fashion-forward take on the look.

Here, shop the 20 best unitards on the market, so you’re ready for wherever the day (or night!) takes you.

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