4 Sources Where Filmmakers Can Rent Cars for Their Road Scenes

4 Sources Where Filmmakers Can Rent Cars for Their Road Scenes


Have you ever seen an action movie scene and watch a large number of cars get destroyed?

That cringe that comes afterward because it was a super expensive car they crashed leaves you thinking about how much they must have spent on the movie or how your life would be better if that car were sitting in your garage instead of being destroyed.

But where do filmmakers rent their cars?

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1.From private individuals or background actors

Filmmakers usually look out for private individuals who own an exotic car or exactly the car model they need to shoot the movie, and they reach out to these people. Usually, they would pay them some money for renting the car or, more commonly, allow these individuals to act in the movie. The owners of these vehicles are usually ecstatic about being in a film and allow their cars to be used. Background actors who already have the vehicles needed for the film are paid a certain amount for their car, plus their acting pay.

2.From specialized car rental companies

At the beginning of this article, you read about cars used for explosions and wrecks in movies, but the truth is, filmmakers don’t have the budget to destroy expensive vehicles. What they do is they go to specialized rental companies to rent old and rusty cars. Compromises will be made to those cars in order to trick the audience into believing it’s an actual expensive car that is being trashed. Compromises they make include the use of shells and digital manipulation.

3.From car enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts are private individuals who have a very keen interest in automobiles and tend to amass a large number of cars in their garages. These people get vehicles because of the thrill of driving a new car or simply the appearance of the car. Smart car enthusiasts have figured it can be a source of income to them, and so they rent out their collected cars to filmmakers and other people for rent. Car enthusiasts sometimes are part of car clubs.

4.From car clubs

Car clubs are large communities of car enthusiasts that share a common interest in automobiles and are organized according to the brand, model, or type of vehicles. Film owners go to car clubs to ask for specific cars to be rented. These car clubs usually rent on a weekly or even daily basis, and you can either renew the rent after the time has elapsed, or they return the cars after use. There are both traditional(offline) and automotive(online) car clubs.

In summary, there are various sources filmmakers get their cars. They are either rented from specialized rental companies, from private individuals, usually for an appearance in the movie, from car enthusiasts who collect different cars in their garages, or from car clubs.