‘Mad Men’ costume designer on how to replicate ’60s fashion

As Tracey Turnblad of “Hairspray” would say, “Welcome to the ’60s!”

While fashion trends come and go, this decade in style continues to be revisited — even in a culture wearing Crocs, chunky “dad” shoes, and distressed mom jeans.

“The 1960s fashion is the iconic American style — and it never goes out of style,” Janie Bryant, who served as the costume designer for all eight seasons of “Mad Men,” told The Post. “That decade is really important because the styles are timeless and always look great.”

“Mad Men,” which aired from 2007 to 2015 with 116 Emmy nominations

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Kendall Jenner Wears One of Fashion’s Artsiest New Labels

Some people collect paintings, others prefer to collect clothes—but there’s a fashion label in town that offers you the opportunity to do both. Juliet Johnstone is a Los Angeles-based artist who hand-paints jeans, tanks, hats, and more. And this weekend, Kendall Jenner gave her work the stamp of approval by wearing one of her pieces while out and about in West Hollywood.

Jenner wore a cropped white tank with one of Johnstone’s gray single-element pants, which features a single, hand-painted flower on it. Each of Johnstone’s painted pants are hand-numbered (like a painting would be) and serve as a

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Phoenix fashion boutique, Frances, will remain locally owned

It was four years ago that Phoenix native Jade Noble worked her first shift at Frances Boutique in Central Phoenix. 

This day, though ordinary, was one she still remembers. Her dream began that day. 

“I called my boyfriend that day and just said, ‘Wow, I wish this store was mine,’” Noble said.  

And now it is. 

On July 28, Frances owner and founder Georganne Bryant sold the store to Noble. The 33-year-old entrepreneur is also one of the owners of the Phoenix bar, Linger Longer Lounge

“People have been asking, ‘Are you sad?’ and no, I’m not,” Bryant said. 

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How to Celebrate the 200th Birthday of a Man Everyone Knows and No One Knows

There’s a piece of art that’s been on display in Faye McLeod’s studio for most of the last decade, depicting what she considers her “mantra.”

In another corporate office, such art might be a portrait of an eagle, soaring above the word “perseverance” or a modern black-and-white typographical poster with a phrase like “work hard and be nice to people.”

But in the office of Ms. McLeod, who is the visual image director of Louis Vuitton, the sign is a few lines of unpunctuated rainbow-colored text, inspired by lyrics from Notorious B.I.G.’s 1997 song “Hypnotize”: “Louis Louis Louis can’t you

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LA’s Melrose Trading Post flea market is a teen fashion paradise

Part of The Schools Issue of The Highlight, our home for ambitious stories that explain our world.

In the age of meticulously manufactured pop acts like NSYNC and tween sitcoms like Lizzie McGuire, the mall was a youth mecca.

Too underage for the club and too broke to dine at swanky restaurants a grade above Chili’s, for young people of the ’90s and aughts, the fluorescent lights and endless retail opportunities became an entry point into the worlds of romantic relationships and personal style. On weekends, the cement floors were a proverbial red carpet primed to show off

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Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Dua Lipa, Jonah Hill, Cardi B, and More

Looking for beach attire? Dua Lipa has those summer dreams covered. The pop star posed pretty and sun-soaked on a yacht this past week in a curve-skimming dress by the designer Louisa Ballou. It was pure ‘70s cool: the slinky dress with blue and orange petals boasted a killer V-cut down to the navel, connected by an O-ring. It’s the ultimate hot-weather look.

Someone else showing some skin was Cardi B. The rapper took a pregnant mirror selfie dripping in gold to promote Normani’s “Wild Side” which Cardi B’s was featured on. The gilded look, which included a bikini and

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Islamic fashion show celebrates modesty, highlights designers’ creativity

To stay COVID-safe the show didn’t use a traditional runway this year. Instead, models pre-shot their looks at an Airbnb in Atlanta, and attendees watched the show via Zoom. Some people even held watch parties.

Within seconds of the show starting, the chatroom was filled with praise. “Mashallah,” wrote one viewer, an Arabic phrase meaning, “what God has willed happened.”

“This is an arena where I am able to see myself and be comfortable in my Africaness and express myself in a modest way,” said Rahima Shaban, the designer behind the brand Beautiful Jamila.


Atlanta-based designer

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The 17 Basic Clothing Items Every Closet Should Have

Fashion is always a microcosm of culture—economically, politically, and otherwise. At any moment in time, what’s in fashion speaks to overarching societal trends.

For many, the pandemic heightened the public’s sense of appreciation for basic clothing and wardrobe essentials that put utility and comfort above all. For many, sporting hyper fashion-forward accessories or shopping the latest It bag seemed somewhat out of sync with the state of the world.

Now, while the world is in different states of reopening depending on where you reside, prioritizing utilitarian wardrobe-essentials remains a throughline. We’ve understood the value in fashion staples and why forget

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Family will bid farewell to fashion icon B. Smith in Scottdale ceremony

Late fashion icon and Everson native Barbara “B.” Smith will be laid to rest next to her parents Saturday in the Scottdale Cemetery.

The private ceremony and interment of Smith’s ashes will be attended by family, including her younger brother, Dennis, and his four grown daughters.

Smith, 70, died Feb. 22, 2020, at her home on Long Island, N.Y., after a six-year battle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Following her diagnosis in 2013, at age 64, she and her husband, Dan Gasby, worked to raise awareness of the disease and its impacts on the African-American community.

Dennis Smith, 68, of

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10 Cute Outfits to Consider Wearing and Shopping This Fall

Temperatures are still skyrocketing, but before we know it, the blazing heat will swiftly transform into a cool breeze, and cute outfits for fall will become top of mind. This season’s looks are arguably the best, especially since the transitional weather gives us an opportunity to play with unexpected layers and rich, textured fabrics.

Once the weather drops, there’s no need to completely forget about your summer faves; follow the latest wave of street style stars and pair those crop tops with leather trousers and style those mini skirts with longline blazers. You could even savor a few more days

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