Islamic fashion show celebrates modesty, highlights designers’ creativity

To stay COVID-safe the show didn’t use a traditional runway this year. Instead, models pre-shot their looks at an Airbnb in Atlanta, and attendees watched the show via Zoom. Some people even held watch parties.

Within seconds of the show starting, the chatroom was filled with praise. “Mashallah,” wrote one viewer, an Arabic phrase meaning, “what God has willed happened.”

“This is an arena where I am able to see myself and be comfortable in my Africaness and express myself in a modest way,” said Rahima Shaban, the designer behind the brand Beautiful Jamila.


Atlanta-based designer

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5 Designers to Know From Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2021

It was just over a year ago when Seoul Fashion Week became one of the first major fashion events to fall victim to the coronavirus. Due to South Korea’s locus as an early hotspot for the pandemic, the announcement of its postponement was made while Paris Fashion Week was still very much underway. While the situation in South Korea is currently stable, the week’s organizers were keen to ensure that this season’s events went ahead as responsibly as possible, with all of the shows live-streamed without an audience. Yet what emerged from these limitations was a surprising amount of creativity,

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These are the young London designers doing fashion week for themselves

Photography Emma Dudlyke. Images courtesy of Ilana Blumberg

Being a young, independent fashion designer was hard enough before the pandemic, but things have now become even tougher for those on the career path. What were already unstable financial situations have become even more precarious, direct access to materials and specialist equipment is extremely limited and, with an economic crisis looming, stockists are proving increasingly conservative when it comes to supporting new talent.

This season, the British Fashion Council is charging a fee to be on their online directory of brands showing at London Fashion Week — something that many small

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Inauguration fashion: Purple, pearls, American designers

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris showcased American designers at their inauguration Wednesday, and Harris gave a nod to women’s suffrage, Shirley Chisholm and her beloved sorority in pearls and purple.

Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush also donned hues of purple. Harris has cited Chisholm, a Democrat from New York, as an inspiration for her career. Chisholm was the first Black woman elected to Congress and the first Black major-party candidate to run for U.S. president.

More coverage of Biden’s inauguration

Pearls had a strong fashion showing, in line with a social media campaign that

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Fashion Great Appears, What To Wear, Shopping Ideas, Designers

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