I’m a Fashion Writer, and I’m Shopping These 15 Early Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Deals

Nordstrom Early Anniversary Deals

Hanna Lassen/Getty Images

In the summer, it’s beyond easy (and often encouraged) to lose track of time. Who cares what day of the week it is when you’re laying out at the beach, enjoying a lobster roll, or profusely sweating on the subway? However, there is one date worth remembering this season: July 28, 2021. What happens on July 28, you might wonder? Well, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts on that date, and it’s something I look forward to all year.

Is something two weeks in the future too far off to keep in your

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Y2k: the late 90s and early 00s fashions making a comeback | Fashion

Just when you thought current times couldn’t get any more fraught, along comes the threat of a low-rise jeans renaissance. And not just low-rise jeans – birthed by Alexander McQueen as “bumsters” – but many staples of late-90s and early 00s fashion.

The industry is calling it a “Y2k trend”; millennials everywhere are calling it harrowing. But Gen Z is on board (there are TikToks galore) and, predating the trend slightly, Etsy is reporting a 11360{ddc76882679ca14584cced192871cc44a660bdfa00b0d156df7e53e14fe8bced} increase in searches for smiley face jewellery, as well as huge upticks for mood rings.

A whole section of Etsy is

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