Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, Bernie’s mittens, and a whole lot more fashion triumphs, reviewed.

Joe Biden’s inauguration isn’t just a relief in terms of politics. It’s also a relief in terms of style: After four years of Scotch-taped ties and generally upsetting aesthetics, we can finally expect some more appealing visuals. At Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, he, along with Vice President Kamala Harris, their families, and other attendees, gave us our first official glimpse at what the fashion of the Biden years might have in store. And it was pretty spectacular, honestly.

First lady Jill Biden and President Joe Biden.
Patrick Semansky/AFP via Getty Images

President Joe Biden wore an understated navy

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Opinion | Vogue’s Kamala Harris cover shows that diminishing powerful Black women is still in fashion

The photo, leaked over the weekend, has been a topic of heated discussion for days. Shot by Tyler Mitchell, the first and still only black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover since his beautiful 2018 portrait of Beyoncé, the incoming vice president is pictured in her famous converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. She wears her street clothes, a dark espresso blazer and black ankle-length pants, and stands before a backdrop of pink and green drapes — the colors of her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. On her face is the expression of someone not quite ready for the camera.

Notably, an alternate,

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