Why polyester is a problem for the industry

Fashion has a polyester problem.

It’s the most widely-used clothing fiber in the world, but as a synthetic material made from plastic, polyester needs a lot of energy to produce and is highly water and air polluting, according to the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

The fashion industry is trying to tackle the issue, but there’s no simple solution, according to the CEO of one of the world’s largest clothes manufacturers. “There isn’t so far (a) raw material that is as cheap and as versatile as polyester today,” said Roger Lee, who runs Hong-Kong headquartered TAL Apparel.

As well

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Netflix’s prestige fashion industry drama ‘Halston’ is highly entertaining trash

Our appetite for rise-and-fall narratives is absolutely limitless, especially when they involve fabulous costumes, astronomical quantities of drugs and Liza Minnelli.

Netflix’s 1970s biopic “Halston” could not deviate less from that script. The show is a rags-to-riches-to-rags story, except the proverbial rags were actually made of ultrasuede, the defining synthetic fiber of discotheque mayhem. Directed by HBO workhorse Daniel Minahan and adapted from Stephen Gaines’ biography “Simply Halston,” the series is a portrait of the brilliant, vicious man who made aspirational fashion possible for generations of American women. Unfulfilled as a hatmaker for Jackie Kennedy, he rose through department store … Read More

China Disappeared H&M From Its Internet, Splitting Fashion Industry Group

A debate over how much to push back against the Chinese government has set off a conflict inside a prominent coalition that guides much of the world’s cotton production.

The Better Cotton Initiative, a collaboration among big brands like

Nike Inc.

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Gap Inc.,

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environmental groups, farmers and human-rights organizations, has for years worked to bolster the global apparel industry’s access to sustainably produced cotton.

But the Chinese government’s recent attacks on the group and one of its leading members, fast-fashion giant

H&M Hennes & Mauritz

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AB, have raised concerns about whether BCI’s fashion

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Fashion industry evolves, as virus forces a rethink

PARIS (AP) — The pandemic has torn a multibillion-dollar bite out of the fabric of Europe’s fashion industry, stopped runway shows and forced brands to show their designs digitally instead.

Now, amid hopes of a return to near-normality by the year’s end, the industry is asking what fashion will look like as it dusts itself off and struggles to its well-heeled feet again.

Answers vary. Some think the Fashion Week format, in use since the 1940s, will be radically rethought. Others believe Asia will consolidate its huge gains in influence. Many see brands seeking greater sustainability to court a younger

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PETA takes aim at fashion industry in shocking PSA

PETA — alternately acclaimed and infamous for its ongoing fight against fur — is ramping up efforts to change the entire global fashion industry.

With sweater weather in full swing, the animal rights organization’s latest PSA takes aim at the animal textile industry, which includes garments made from cashmere, leather, down and silk.

Their gruesome new video — — warning: the visuals and language are disturbing — exposes fashion factories across the world, depicting animals being abused by hard-pressed workers in the interest of supplying the demands of a lucrative industry.

PETA’s slogan, “Be a Sweater They Said,” was inspired

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