Dad Style: 8 Fashion Lessons Vogue Editors Learned From Their Father Figures

A lot of trendy moments in fashion have been inspired by the ugly-cool ways that dads have been thought to dress. There was the dad sneaker—chunky, bulky, retro—and of course, the dad baseball cap hat. But there are also a handful of other ways to channel dad style like the t-shirt tuck with belted trousers, a pair of light wash denim, a calf-height athletic sock, and, of course, the carefree, colorful vacation shirt. While you can certainly pick up a few dad-like styling hacks from the fashion world, you could also go straight to the source and emulate the wardrobe

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This Week, the Best Dressed Stars Served Up Fashion History Lessons

The most impactful style moments always have a story. Last week, as stars finished awards season on a high note, they sought out pieces whose history was as fascinating as their design. The trend began at the Independent Spirit Awards, where elegance trumped indie cred. Host Melissa Villaseñor may have delighted the audience with her impressions of Gen-Z celebrities, but her double-breasted Dior suit would have made Old Hollywood legends Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn proud.

The event’s flights of fancy were similarly retro. Kate Mara’s diamond patterned Miu Miu mini-skirt and matching pearl-embellished jacket and Julia Garner’s marabou-covered Prada

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The Fashion Lessons to Learn from The Nanny & Fran Fine

Art by Michael Stillwell Getty Images

As a child, sick days home from school meant one thing and one thing only: I got to spend the day with my caretaker. No, this wasn’t my mother or my family’s housekeeper, it was my nanny—The Nanny. I wasn’t even allowed to watch the show (deemed inappropriate for a 6 or 7 year old), but I found a way to sneak some time with flashy girl from Flushing whenever I was out of school. To be honest, I remember absolutely none of the major plot points, but the clothes? I remember

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