What Returning to Office Fashion Means for Sustainability

  • With the return of in-person work, consumers are expected to spend more on office clothes.
  • Plastic-based clothing items and the practice of “bracketing” contribute to landfill waste.
  • Resale sites such as Poshmark and ThredUp help alleviate fashion’s harmful environmental effects.
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For many workers, a return to in-person work means trading in-house clothes and sweatpants for new business-casual outfits. Companies are reporting sales also being driven by summer outings, size differences, and vaccination-related comfort with in-store shopping. In the UK, clothing sales rose by 70{ddc76882679ca14584cced192871cc44a660bdfa00b0d156df7e53e14fe8bced} in April and are expected to

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For teens, back to school means back to fashion

Like many L.A. teens, 17-year-old Sheccid Vazquez spent the last year in pajamas.

“During quarantine, I would wake up and stay in my pajamas until the end of school,” said the Ramona Convent Secondary School senior. “I wouldn’t change because teachers gave us the option not to turn our cameras on.”

But with high school campuses reopening across L.A. County — including all last week at the Los Angeles Unified School District — teens are redefining back-to-school wardrobe, shedding their remote-learning loungewear and constricting before-times ensembles in favor of innovative and eye-catching new looks.

“I definitely had a lot of

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Fashion police – A new dress code means Rhode Island lawmakers have to suit up | United States

J ONATHON ACOSTA wore a blazer with a guayabera, a traditional formal shirt in the Caribbean, on his first day as a senator in Rhode Island’s legislature. Since then he has worn informal attire, a better reflection, he says, of his mainly Latino constituents. He often wears knitted hats and cardigans. The only wardrobe rule said that people must be “properly dressed”. That changed on March 23rd, when the chamber passed a new dress code stipulating “proper and appropriate attire”, such as blouses and collared shirts with a jacket.

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