Abacaxi Took Off During the Pandemic

Sheena Sood, Abacaxi founder.
Illustration: Rachelle Baker

Sheena Sood is the founder and designer of the Brooklyn-based fashion brand Abacaxi. An artist and former assistant to womenswear designer Tracy Reese, Sood launched her first full collection in spring 2020, just before the pandemic hit. “I panicked briefly, but then I started making masks in my apartment,” she recalls. “They were something people needed urgently, and they were the only thing I could think of to contribute.” The masks — beaded, printed, tie-dyed, and beautiful — turned out to be Abacaxi’s saving grace, and the brand, which produces everything in

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Daddy Robes Becomes Popular Fashion Item Among Stars Amid Pandemic

The 11-pound, pricey robes, founded in 2016 by musician Harvey Justice III, started gaining a following from Logan Paul, Trey Songz and more.

As the pandemic leads to a rise in comfort-focused clothing, one Beverly Hills designer is amping up the trend.

Daddy Robes — founded in 2016 by musician Harvey Justice III — began to gain a following in October with styles that can only be described as plush on steroids. The robes, weighing up to 11 pounds, are made in fleece, velvet and mink, and cost from $555 to $1,111, with

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