After a Year of Digital Shows, Do We Still Need IRL Fashion Week?

Fashion week is in a bit of a strange place right now. It’s not just that the thought of congregating in a tiny space to look at clothes feels somewhat jarring (to put it lightly), when there’s an ongoing pandemic and so much of the world is still tip-toeing in and out of lockdowns. It’s also that the whole concept of fashion shows, where people fly from all over the world to see collections that won’t be released for another six months, seems odd in an era of smartphones and instant gratification, not to mention our growing awareness of the

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Paris Fashion Week: How to watch the virtual shows

Written by Fiona Sinclair Scott, CNN

While the novel coronavirus was the talk of the town in Paris during the womenswear shows this time last year, nobody could have predicted that it would continue to define fashion’s seasonal calendar twelve months later.

But Paris Fashion Week’s eight day schedule, which opened on Monday, consists of mostly digital videos and livestreams in lieu of people-packed runway shows. It is the new normal for a world that has been turned on its head.

From manufacturing supply chains to sales, all aspects of the fashion industry’s modus operandi has been challenged due to

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Opinion | Vogue’s Kamala Harris cover shows that diminishing powerful Black women is still in fashion

The photo, leaked over the weekend, has been a topic of heated discussion for days. Shot by Tyler Mitchell, the first and still only black photographer to shoot a Vogue cover since his beautiful 2018 portrait of Beyoncé, the incoming vice president is pictured in her famous converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. She wears her street clothes, a dark espresso blazer and black ankle-length pants, and stands before a backdrop of pink and green drapes — the colors of her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. On her face is the expression of someone not quite ready for the camera.

Notably, an alternate,

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