TikTok Says It’s Time to Dress Like a Y2K Pop Star

Fashion trends are always coming out of TikTok. As soon as a pair of leggings or silk kerchiefs go viral on the app, they become the new must-have. The latest trend on the app, however, is less about hyping up specific item, and more of a call to action: TikTok wants you to dress like you’re famous. TikTok creators are now dressing like a Y2K pop star—and they’re encouraging their followers to do so, too. 

The videos, which are gaining in popularity, see TikTok creators imagine their wardrobe as though they’re a famous singer in the 2000s. They style

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10 Cult Fashion Items That Stand the Test of Time

WHAT DEFINES a cult fashion item? A degree of collective fascination, obviously, and—often—a curiosity about what inspires that magnetic pull. The “why” matters as much as the “what,” and a big part of the cult-status equation these days is the scarcity model: Unavailability drives desirability. So does a certain insider awareness that gradually spreads until the sweater or shoe in question has amassed a community of believers who mutually reinforce each other’s good taste. “The creep factor is key,” said Jessica Glasscock, a fashion historian and professor at New York’s Parsons School of Design. “One of the consistent elements of … Read More