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Top 6 Most Iconic Accessories Ever Seen In Movies

Top 6 Most Iconic Accessories Ever Seen In Movies

Are you tired of using the same accessories often? Do you want to look good as your favourite actors in the movies? Try to spice up your fashion and get those lovely iconic accessories you see in the movies. Your TV screen is one of the best places you can see iconic and signature fashion accessories. Since time immemorial, people have always adored the accessories they see in the movies, and in most cases, their fashion sense is influenced by what they see in the movies.

If you want to update your accessories, you may want to start sourcing for movies with a reputation for iconic accessories. If you have difficulties finding these out, you might want to check out the opinions of movie lovers on, as well as read up on the opinions on streaming services with the best film collections where you can discover those iconic accessories you love. From what we have seen so far, here are 6 of the most iconic accessories we’ve seen in movies so far:

Hand of the King Brooch

Are you a lover of the Game of Thrones? The series was a big hit, and a lot of the lead actors in the show used some iconic accessories that have become statement fashion accessories. Characters like Sansa Stark, and Lady Margery of the House Tyrell used some eye catching accessories, but one of the most iconic accessories throughout the series would have to be the ‘Hand of the King Brooch’ which was worn by whoever bears the title of the Hand of the King throughout the series.

Star Wars’ Gold Dice

Here comes another iconic accessory used by Han Solo in the movie, Star Wars. You might not notice it because the character didn’t wear it often; he rather hung it most of the time in his millennium cockpit. The accessory is also iconic and you can find something like it as earrings or necklaces.

Harry Potter’s Keychain

Almost everyone that watched the Harry Potter movie fell in love with it. The movie had lots of images and symbols, but the most iconic accessories in the movie was the Keychain that was used throughout the movie. If you check the fashion world now, you will find pieces of jewellery and fashion accessories with the keychain symbol.

Hepburn’s Diamonds and Pearls

Breakfast at Tiffany was an amazing movie with various fashion accessories. This includes the lovely bag used by Audrey that clearly speaks class and style. The most iconic accessory in the movie has to be the Diamonds and Pearls jewellery that Audrey Hepburn used in the movie. It was outstanding and lovable, and has gone on to become a part of the fashion world since.

Titanic Heart of the Ocean

The Titanic movie is regarded as one of the best movies ever made, and while it won multiple Oscar awards, it also created a number of iconic fashion symbols going by the number of iconic accessories used throughout the movie. The Heart of the Ocean jewellery happens to be arguably the most iconic accessory used in the record breaking film. It is said to be a 52-carat diamond which was owned by a king.

James Bond’s Omega Luxury Watch

James Bond is a movie icon film character and one of the most lovable characters ever in Hollywood.  In terms of iconic accessory with this character, who wouldn’t remember his Omega Luxury Watch? The watch is almost synonymous to the Bond character, and you may want to check it out in Bond films such as Casino Royale if you haven’t been paying attention to the watch – but we doubt anyone who has seen a Bond film would miss out on this watch. Almost impossible!

If you love fashionable accessories, then you will love these iconic accessories used in the movies listed above. You might not find these original accessories but you will find a replica of them in various fashion stores.